The topic of sustainability is an integral part of our company philosophy. 

All of the leather we use are by-products of the meat industry, this applies to lamb fur also. No animals are killed for their skins. Mauritius does not use exotic animals which are killed for their skins and actively ensures the above statement.

A team of 16 Mauritius workers, based in 4 cities in Pakistan, check and stamp every single garment before it is shipped. We continually monitor for harmful substances and the production facilities are regularly checked by the BSCI to ensure compliance with social standards.


Social responsibility is an integral part of the company philosophy. Important aspects include humane working conditions and adherence to social standards at all production facilities.

Any form of exploitation, forced labor or child labor will not be tolerated. As a member of the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) we are also committed to implementing the BSCI code of conduct at our producers’ facilities.

The BSCI is an association of international companies with the common aim of improving 4 social standards, health and safety at work as well as fire prevention, by means of a global monitoring system.

In accordance with this we only work with suppliers who have been audited and certified by the BSCI standard.

The BSCI code of conduct comprises the following principles in order to protect employees’ rights:

• Freedom of assembly

• No discrimination

• No child labor

• Salaries that comply with statutory minimum wages

• Weekly working hours do not normally exceed 48 hours or 12 hours overtime

• No forced labor or disciplinary measures

• A safe and healthy workplace

• Respect for the environment

• Guidelines for social responsibility

• Guidelines against corruption and bribery

Find out more about the BSCI here:

Our styles are tanned without the use of Chrome III as a tanning agent, instead we used plant extracts. This is important as chrome can cause damage to the environment, the dye to not set well causing crocking as well as disputed health issues to humans. Vegetable tanning is much better for the environment, with no harmful effects to the local water systems.

The soft lamb leather is a high grade of lambskin. The jackets are vegetable washed and special waxes, paints and finishes are applied by hand or by spray, or dip-dye and polished or buffed to give it the look and soft touch. Distressing is accomplished with rubbing metallic or washed finishes, paints, oils and tints to the seams.

All pieces are hand-made, one by one. Slight inconsistencies in colour confirm the high quality of the skins and are to be expected.